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First I'll define affiliate: To officially attach to a person or organisation.

He refused to affiliate himself with the criminal organisation.

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CreateAIvoiceovers affiliate program provides a commission of up to 45% of sales. Join it for free and start earning.

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Q: Can you use affiliate in a sentence?
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Can you use the word Affiliate in a sentence?

The research center is affiliated with the university.

Use affiliate in a sentence?

"Affiliate" is defined as "to connect or associate" with. For example: Mr. Smith is an affiliate of our local State Bank." This usage implies that he is possibly an employee or officer of the bank.

Put the word affiliate in a sentence?

I joined createAIvoiceovers affiliate program a few days ago. I have started earning already.

How can you use the word affiliate in sentence form?

the young singer could have earned more if she had been affiliated with the musicians union, but she couldn't afford the membership dues.

What is best affiliate network?

Personally I think that affiliate future is the best affiliate network, they always pay on time. I use it for my websites, for a while now and have had no problems what so ever.

How do you make a sentences with the word affiliate?

She did not want to affiliate with the group of girls who were known for stealing from other kids. This sentence works since the word means to attach or connect to something or someone.

Where can someone find information on affiliate software?

Someone can find information of affiliate software by going to the website Affiliate Ranker. It is a very easy to use website that has categories for what kinds of affiliates you are looking for and has a list of easy software you can use to organize these affiliates.

Sentence using the plural word of affiliate?

no not like that like a sentence that has the word example in it like. 1x2 is an example of ur time tables

Sentence using the word affiliate?

Diane is not democrat nor republican. She isn't affiliated with any political party's.

Are there any organizational software programs for Internet Marketing with affiliate programs?

You can use one of the search engines e.g. Google or Bing and search for organizational software. Then go to the website. If there is an affiliate program, the link to it is usually in the footer. If you can't find a link, use the websites URL followed by /affiliate then /affiliates. These are two names that the affiliate page is often called.

What is an affiliate program directory's purpose?

The purpose of an affiliate program directory is to be like a yellow pages of the internet and list sites in groups by niche, location or a characteristic. Yahoo and Google use them.

When was Affiliate Summit created?

Affiliate Summit was created in 2003.