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Stuart munro, quintin young(1972-1976)

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Q: Can you name 15 Glasgow rangers players with a u in both their christian and surname?
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Glasgow Rangers players with a U in the first name and surname?

Maurice Edu

Did Glasgow's Rangers Football Club ever field a team of players whose surnames ended in n?

One of their managers' surname was "Symon".

Name 5 rangers players whose christian and surname end with o?

Ignacio Novo - Nacho Genarro Gattuso - Rino Lorenzo Amaruso Federico Nieto Filippo Manniero

Can you name 15 Glasgow rangers players with a u in both their christian and surname since 1975?

Quintin young Stuart munro Arthur Numen Hugh Burns Ugo Ehiogu Nuno Capucho Duncan Ferguson Doug Houston Tugay Kerimoğlu Paul Rideout Julien Rodriguez Fergus Suter Arturs Vaiculis Maurice Edu Dariusz Adamczuk I think all of these were after 1975 but not sure

Rangers players whos surname begin with the letter A?

Glenn Anderson is a Hall of Fame professional ice hockey who player for the New York Rangers in 1994. Clint Albright played center for the New York Rangers in the 1948-49 season.

Name seven Glasgow Rangers players whose surname ends in an O?

1. nacho novo 2. oleg salenko 3. rino gattuso 4. lorenzo amoruso 5. tore Andre flo 6. sebo 7. sionko THE QUESTION SHOULD BE 12 PLAYERS.......WHAT ABOUT: 8. Amato 9. Prso' 10. Falko 11. Mikhailichenko 12. Nuno Capucho 13. Stuart munro

Who was a former Rangers captain surname Johnstone?

Please specify which Rangers you mean.

Can you name 16 Glasgow rangers players with z in their surname?

Robert Prytz, Jorg Albertz, Lionel Letizi, Lorenzo Amoruso, Shota Arveladze, Bonni Ginzburg, Oleg Kusnetsov, Zurab Khizanishvili, Gordon Dalziel, Dariuz Adamczuk, Sebastian Rozental, julien rodrigues, Darren Fitzgerald, Gary mckenzie, george mckenzie, Gordon mckenzie.

What is Darwin's surname?

Christian name, Charles. Surname, Darwin.

Manchester united players past and present whose christian name and surname begin with same letter?

george graham paul parker dion dublin joe jordan

How many players with a surname beginning with Z played for Liverpool?

2 : Dutch midfielder Boudewijn Zenden (2005-2007) and German defender and midfielder Christian Ziege (2000-2001)

Surname abdallah Muslim or Christian?

well some of them christian , others Muslims