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Yes, I got my ears pierced a few days ago and the day after I went swimming, there doesn't seem to be a problem.

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Q: Can you go swimming the day after having your ears pierced?
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Can you get your ears gauged the same day you get them pierced?

You definitely cant stretch your ears the same day you get them pierced. What you can do is get them pierced at a bigger gauge to skip the stretching process.

Can you go swimming a day before you get your ears pierced?

Of course! Your piercing artist will clean the affected area before they pierce it and also afterwards.

What is the episode called when maddy got her ears pierced on Jon and Kate Plus 8 pierced?

Yes, Maddy got her ears pierced on her special day in seasons 2-3.

Are Billie joe armstrong's ears pierced?

He used to have his ears pierced when Green Day was in the making of their album "Warning" but did not have them in the album "American Idiot" in 2004.

Should guys get their ears pierced?

There is no reason ( other than personal opinion's) why a guy can't get there ears pierced. In this day and age it's almost common place.

If my birthday is in September and i get my belly button pierced would that give it enough time to heal before i go swimming?

You could go swimming 72 hours after having it done just be sure to clean the piercing when you are done with your day of swimming.

Can you go into clorhene water after having your nose pierced?

Swimming in a chlorinated pool is fine just be sure to rinse your piercing out with warm water in the shower when you are done for the day.

When you get your ears pierced when do you turn them?

i turned them a day later it hurts a little bit but its worth it! :)

When did Mady get pierced ears?

Mady got pierced ears on her "special day" with Jon and Kate. If you are unsure of the special days... Jon and Kate took each child out one day without any of the other children. Jon and Kate let the kids pick wherever they wanted to go and they spent a whole day with their parents without any of their other siblings. So, on Mady's special day getting her ears pierced is what she chose to do.

What is the chance of your ear getting infected when you change the stud the day after you get your ears pierced?

low if you keep clean.

Can you swim in the ocean with newly pierced ears?

Sure you can. Ear piercings only go bad, if you don't look after them. Make sure you clean it with either antiseptic or warm salt water twice a day, and with clean hands twist the stud around throughout the day. Trust me on this one, I have my ears pierced twice on the lobe and three times on the cartilage (at the top and middle of my right & the bottom bit of cartilage on the left) and I swim 3 times a week for a club. Happy Swimming :)

When you barley get your ears pierced can you wet your ears?

Yes, you can. It helps clean to disinfect them. I'm cleaning my ears every day, I just got them done over winter break. Hope this helps! =)