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Q: Can you drive alone to a school sports event with a junior license?
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Can a 17 old from NJ drive to New York?

obviously, as long as the have a junior license if they are driving alone.

If you already have your drivers license and you drop out of school in South Carolina at the age of 17 will your drvers license be revoked or left alone?

If you have a regular license, you will keep it. But stay in school anyway. You literally can't afford to drop out of high school!

In Tennessee if you have a license and you drop out of school at 17 is it revoked or just left alone?

I assume you are talking about a drivers license? Dropout, that doesn't effect your driving abilities.

Should you care about school if you're going to be an athlete?

Sure you should care about school. Many athletes play for school teams before eventually playing professionally. School provides opportunities for athletes. In addition, however wonderful sports may be, man does not live by sports alone. It is good to be a well rounded individual with other interests besides sports.

Why Do you need a license to be a fashion designer?

they live alone

Can an 18 year old drive to school with a permit?

No. The only way you can drive a vehicle alone is if you have a valid drivers license. Even if you are 18 you still have to have a licensed driver over 21 in the passenger seat until you get your license

Consequences for driving alone with a learners license alone in the state of Florida?

If you get pulled over or in an accident you may lose the priveledge to get your driver's license until age 21.

What sports can you do alone outside?

You could play golf.

Can a minor with a Wisconsin probationary license drive out of state alone?


Can you drive alone with 60 houres driving with your permit?


Can you drive directly to and from school alone in California with a learner's permit?

Absolutley not. You must have a licensed driver 25 years or older with you at all times when your driving, until you get your license.

If you are a minor can you drive alone in the state of Florida?

If you are a minor, you cannot drive alone unless you have a full driver's license.

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