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They should not be worn on anything but a grass field or turf (:

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Q: Can metal studs be worn on firm ground?
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Can you replace studs on snow tires?

Practically no. By the time the studs are worn out, tires are too worn for you to install new studs and even if you could, the cost of replacing them would be more than the tires are worth.

What Football Boots Are Worn By C.Ronaldo in 2010?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2 Firm Ground Football Boots

Do the phillies wear metal cleats or rubber cleats on their baseball shoes?

I own a pair of Cole Hamels' game worn adidas cleats - he has metal studs around the outside of the soul and circular rubber traction on the heel and toe areas. Hope this helps!

What is the adjective for stairs?

Crumbling, worn-down, creaky, firm

Can you use an eyebrow ring for your Monroe?

That would look quite funny, since Monroe's are worn with studs, not rings!

Can baseball cleats be worn for lacrosse?

yes. any cleat used in sports played on grass (football, soccer, field hockey,etc) can be interchanged

Why does a football boot have studs?

For grip. When boots were first worn they were working boots and the studs were flat. Protruding studs made of wood were created and these were nailed into the shoe sole. These later were made of rubber moulding and later alluminium screw in versions. Studs were and are used to provide grip in grass and muddy conditions thus allowing plays greater maneuverability

A groove worn in the ground by a wheel?

The answer is "rut"

Why does a 2003 Chevrolet Impala keep blowing power lock fuse?

Bad door lock actuator , trunk lock actuator or worn wires rubbing on metal/vehicle ground.

What is harmful friction to a car?

metal to metal.... worn out brakes, bad oil pressure

Metal gloves worn by knights?

You mean gauntlets?

Why should football boots with studs be worn on grass?

Ofcourse they should be worn on grass! That is exactly the turf they are meant for. Infact you shouldnt wear them on coarse surfaces like the road or parking lot.