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Q: Can i have a poem with indifinite pronouns please !!!!!!?
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What is difference between present indifinite and tense and past indifinite tense?

present indifinite

Which indifinite pronoun is always plural?

The indefinite pronoun "they" is always plural. It is used to refer to more than one person or thing.

What are the pronouns in 'please tidy your room yourself'?

The pronouns in the sentence "please tidy your room yourself" are "your" (possessive pronoun) and "yourself" (reflexive pronoun).

Who many children ruben ecleo have?


Who wrote the poem is the sentence is correct by supplying the interrogative pronouns?

Yes, that is the correct use of the interrogative pronoun'who'.The pronoun 'who' is the subjective form, used as the subject of the sentence.The antecedent of the pronoun 'who' is the answer to the question.

Can you please give me a sentence using the word poem?

its a nice poem

Which two words from the poem are examples of onomatopoeia?

Umm which poem? Can you please write out the poem in the comments so we can see?

What are the pronouns in In Time of Silver Rain is a poem that describes nature in all its glory?

The pronouns in the sentence are:that (a relative pronoun), introduces the relative clause 'that describes nature in all its glory' relating to its antecedent 'poem'.all (an indefinite pronoun), object of the preposition 'in'.its (a possessive adjective), describes the noun 'glory'.

What is the possessive pronouns of please don't copy thatthat is not?

There are no possessive pronouns in , "Please don't copy that." or "That is not...".A possessive pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun that belongs to someone or something.The possessive pronouns are: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs.Examples:Jack lives on this street, the house on the corner is his.Mine is the red car next to the pole.

I need to write a 20 line poem about pronouns It needs to rhyme and have beat Any suggestions?

Figure it out yourself DA

Who is point a view a poem is from?

please reword

What does a poem gain by moving from plural pronouns to singular pronouns?

A poem can gain a sense of intimacy and personal connection by transitioning from plural pronouns to singular pronouns. This shift allows for a more focused and individualized expression of emotions or thoughts, creating a deeper connection between the speaker and the reader. It can also convey themes of self-discovery, self-reflection, or personal growth.