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If not properly tended to, You need to have it protected. If you go out on the Field with a new Tattoo and you get hit, you will have some of the worst pain in the world. I would wait until after the season.

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Q: Can getting a tattoo during football season harm it in any way?
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You will not get chlamydia from getting a tattoo.

Is smoking weed before getting a tattoo a good idea?

Smoking marijuana before getting a tattoo should have no effect to the tattoo process. Other pain killers like Advil before a tattoo on the other hand will thin your blood and cause bleeding during the process.

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Having renal failure doesn't necessarily prohibit getting a tattoo, but it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider first. People with renal failure may have compromised immune systems, which could increase the risk of infection during and after getting a tattoo. It's important to ensure proper hygiene and sterile conditions if you decide to proceed with getting a tattoo.

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