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Yes! Visit any gymnasium, and you will find trampolines on hard surfaces. Might be a good idea to add some mats underneath just to stop scratching.

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Q: Can an outdoor trampoline be positioned on wooden decking as opposed to grass?
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If you have no experience with outdoor decking I would recommend hiring a contractor, or if you'd rather not pay, visit your local library and look up books on the topic.

How do I prep my yard for outdoor decking tiles?

You do not have to level your yard but it is advised. Another option is building a platform for the deck to sit on. Outdoor decking tiles can be found online or at Home Depot.

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Outdoor decks and their photos can be found at most construction businesses, as well as general stores that sell tools and decking material. There is a wide selection of brand name carriers that deal in outdoor decking.

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What are the material choices for outdoor decking and their benefits?

When choosing outdoor decking material you have two options wood or synthetic decking. Some wood are lesssusceptible to rot. Synthetic materials are made from recycled products. Synthetic is usually maintenance-free, the wood will need stained and upkeep.

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All About Decking Patio Ideas?

The decking on your patio has a great impact on the way your patio looks. Decide whether you want natural or synthetic materials. There is a large selection of wood and stone to create the perfect decking patio. Outdoor kitchens are a popular way to cook out with family and friends. You can get inspiring ideas from browsing the Internet for ideas about installing an outdoor kitchen. You can create the patio of your dreams.

Outdoor Timber Decking?

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Will Greenwood untreated timber rot if it is set into cement to form a foundation support on outdoor decking?

To set untreated timber in cement is asking trouble. Only pressure treated lumber should be used as a foundation support for outdoor decking. Greenwood can also lose its original shape.


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