Ayso stands for

Updated: 4/28/2022
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American Youth Soccer Organization

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Q: Ayso stands for
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Who is the greatest soccer player in ayso?

Alberto marquina is the greatest player in ayso he scored 34 goals in one season.

What sport does the AYSO help to organize and regulate?

AYSO is the official acronym of the American Youth Soccer Organization. This is the overseeing body of soccer for young people in the United States of America.

What is the AYSO flex team?

It is just a more challenging team.

How old do you have to be to referee AYSO?

You must be ten years old to ref the lowest division which is U-8. AYSO requires that you be at least 2 years older than the people you are reffing.

Who is the regional commissioner of AYSO region 1398?

It was Carrie uder wood in 1398

If you wanted to get better for say the tryout for a JV soccer team in High School should you play AYSO or club soccer?

Club. Depends which club, some are better, more competitive with better training. Club is better than ayso.

What is the AYSO Safe Haven recommended minimum supervision ratio of children to adults?


What Sports Could You Possibly Play I am a 14 year old girl an want to play or do some kind of sport outside of school I live in the Middlesbrough region any suggestions?

Well i am a 12 year old girl in florida and i play soccer in AYSO which stands for american youth soccer organization. They have AYSO in a bunch of different states and areas it is a blast. But if ur lik a girly girl u could always do dance or something. i hope this answered ur question. :)

What size ball do you need for GU14 soccer ayso ca?

A size 5 ball is used for U14 teams.

What is the tension in Soccer?

Depending on the level you play at the tension varies. Its all up to how important the game is like the World Cup or just a friendly AYSO game.

What rating is ayso soccer played in?

The American Youth Soccer Organization is the largest single-entity youth soccer association in the United States of America. It has over 600000 registered players.

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