Arsenal players salary

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Robin van persie is on 95000 a week where as abou diaby doesn't get paid

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William gallas

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Q: Arsenal players salary
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List of arsenal football club players salary?

a shiny sixpence

What arsenal player has the highest salary?

The highest paid players at arenal are Cesc Fabregas, adrey arshavin and gallas.

How much salary nasri get at arsenal?

how much money did nasri take arsenal

What is the salary structure of arsenal football fc?

Arsenal have a strict salary structure, the only highly paid player is Cesc Fabregas with a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds. The rest get far less, as they are young and Arsenal do not spend unwisely.

Salaries of arsenal players per week?

Arsenal is a club known to be strict when buying players, they may buy talented footballers for only 15 million pounds. While Real Madrid and Manchester United spend 30 million pounds on one footballer alone. So Arsenal ends up paying only 80,000 pounds a week as salary.

What is the average salary for a woman playing for arsenal ladies fc?

some first team players have full time or part time jobs with Arsenal and so they will get paid for more than just playing would guess at a playing only salary - including exepnses?? - to start at £100 per game

Who is top ten salary earner in arsenal?

It is Andrea Ashavin

How many times less is a teachers salary to an NBA basketball players?

A teachers salary can't be compared to NBA players salary.

What is a soccer players minimum salary?

No exact salary.

How much was Alex song's weekly salary at arsenal?


Starting salary for NFL player?

The starting salary for NFL players is $375,000. The is the average that has been set and the players will get salary increments as they progress.

A snookers players salary?

Snooker players are not paid a salary. They get paid on performance in competitions and appearance on TV etc.

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