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Hockey in Canada and Basketball in Africa

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Q: Are there any sports invented by a black person?
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Did Spain invent any sports?

they invented foosball

Does Scotland have any invented games and sports?

Golf, shinty, curling and mountaineering are all sports invented by Scots and basketball was invented by the son of two Scottish immigrants.

What are the sports originated in Bulgaria?

Don't know of any that were invented in Bulgaria but they really like all sorts of sports.

Are there any sports that does not have black players?

Nope!! we are all black one way or another

Are there any sprint cup black racers?

black people have sports white people have racing

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There shouldnt be any black or any other color sports in your tongue... you should get checked by a dentist asap!

Any famous sports person who were shy when they were young?

Michael Phelps

Does Alyson stoner like sports?

Yeah, Alyson is a very sporty person and is willing to try any sports.

Who invented the afro?

the afro wasn't invented by any person. it was in style back in the 60s and 70s

Does a black person have any different bones than a white person?


Who evented sports?

Well, I don't exactly know what you mean by this. However if you mean, "Who 'invented' sports", then I might be able to provide some assistance. By asking 'who', you are looking for one answer - and even without any research I can tell you that no one man invented all sports.

What is meant by an amateur sports person?

an amatuer sports person is someone that does not make a living from a sport or earn any money from it however they can still be very tallented

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