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Yes - they are real gold, silver and bronze. The gold is silver with a coating of gold on it.

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Q: Are the olympic silver and bronze medals real?
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Are olympic gold medals real?

No they are silver with gold plating

Are Olympic gold medals real gold?

no, they are silver with a gold coating. :)

Are the Oylmpic medals real?

Yes real gold, silver and bronze. If you sell them you'll get alot.

Are the olympic medals real gold?

No. The last olympic medal that was real gold was awarded in 1912. Now, silver medals are silver and gold medals are made of just about 93% silver. However, the gold medal needs to be plated or coated with at least 6 grams of real gold based on Standards.

Are the medals real gold silver and bronze?

It is acctully gold silver and bronze. They just flatten it down and some how they make it hard so you can't bend it.

Are gold olympic medals real gold?

Gold Olympic medals are real gold, but they are not all gold. They are usually just coated with gold. The rest of the medal is usually silver. There are standards as to how much gold is actually on the gold medals.

Why do many Olympic athletes bite there medals?

You mostly see them bite the gold medals because real gold is very soft and malleable. If you bite it, it will leave teeth marks on the medal. It apparently just took with the silver and bronze, too.

What was the cost of olympic gold silver and bronze medals at the 2008 Olympic Games?

Some reports indicate that each gold medal is costing around AU $4,500 as each gold medal has around 6oz of real gold in it. The Silver medal is made of stirling silver and costs around $3,000.

Are olympic gold medals made of real gold?

92.6 % is silver plate and then the rest is covered in gold

Are the olympian gold medals made of real gold and silver?

Each Olympic medal must be at least 70mm across and 6mm thick. The gold and silver medals must contain at least 92.5% silver, and at least 6 grams of 24-carat gold must coat each gold medal. Bronze medals contain copper, zinc, tin and a very small amount of silver.

Are the olympic silver metals real silver?

yes Depends a little on what you mean by "real" silver. It's a lot of silver in them, but there is some percentage of other metals to make the silver more malleable and more suited for making medals of.

Are the olympic gold medals real gold or not?

The last pure gold medals were awarded in 1912. Now they are made of 92.5% Silver and coated with at least 6 grams of gold.

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