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The names of the events are inscribed before the games, and there are procedures set up when multiple medals are awarded for a single competition. In some cases, this includes duplicates which can be replaced after being awarded. The individual winners will have their names added to their medals at a later date.

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Q: Are the names of the events engraved on Olympic medals?
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What Olympic athletes names start with an I?

Imbrahimovic, that swedish football/soccer player

Why were Jim thorpe's medals taken away?

Jim Thorpe played professional baseball in 1909 and 1910. Although the Olympic rules of 1912 didn't forbade anyone athlete who played professionally, the Amateur Athletic Union, in 1913, retro-actively stripped Thrope of his medals. Thorpe wrote a letter asking to be excused: "I hope I will be partly excused by the fact that I was simply an Indian schoolboy and did not know all about such things. In fact, I did not know that I was doing wrong, because I was doing what I knew several other college men had done, except that they did not use their own names." The 1912 rules also states if anyone objected to the winner's medals, a complaint must be made within 30 days after the medals are awarded; the complaint was made in 1913-- six months after the games. In 1982, after the support of U.S. Congress, Jim Thorpe's Olympic medals were re-instated to him with two of Thorpe's children receiving commemorative medals. The original two medals awarded to Jim Thrope were stolen from a museum. The United States was a overtly racist society at that time, and it is widely believed he was stripped of his medals because of racism.

What are The 5 Names of the Olympic summer sports?

swimming,gymastics,long jump,athletics,rowing

What are the names of the mens and womens hocky Australian olympic teams?

The women's hockey team is called The Hockeyroos.

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Are the names put on olympic medals?

I dont think so because to put the medal winners name on the medal the olympic committee would have to be phsycic or start to put the names on the medals as soon as the winners are announced and so they just couldnt do it in time Hope this helps (though it probrably wont) :)

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· Ian Thorpe (Australian swimmer - 5 Olympic gold medals) · Allen Iverson (basketball) · George "Punch" Imlach (hockey coach)

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