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no melvin and doug Williams don't have wives

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Q: Are the Williams Brothers Gospel Group Melvin and Doug Williams have wives?
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Is lee Williams kin to melvin Williams of the Williams brothers gospel group?


How old is Melvin Williams of the Williams brothers?

Melvin Williams of the gospel singing trio is about 62 years old (2014). The group has included Doug Williams (his younger brother) and Henry Green.

Are the Williams brothers gospel group and frank Williams related?

Yes ... they are brothers.

Are the Williams brothers gospel group and lee Williams gospel singer related?

Lee Williams, The Williams Brothers and some members of The Canton Spirituals are related. They are either brothers or cousins.Lee is from Tupelo, MS, The Williams Brothers are from Smithdale, MS and The Canton Spirituals are from....well Canton, MS.You will usually see Lee colabing with The Williams Brothers more.

What were the names of the singing group the Tempations?

.david ruffin Eddie kendricks paul Williams Otis Williams melvin Franklin

Name all the original Temptation Singersin the group?

Otis Williams, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks,Melvin Franklin

Can you identify each sister in the gospel group of the Williams Sisters?


What other groups did the original tempations BELONG TO before the temptations started?

Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks were in a group called the primes and primettes Otis Williams and Eldridge Bryant Were in a group called Otis Williams and the Distants. Melvin didn't really have a group

Who is the sibling gospel group with a male lead that performs with the Gaithers?

The Booth Brothers. (Im a HUGE Fan!)

Group members of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes?

Henry Saunders in the group of Melvin and blue notes in 1970

Is don Williams Andy Williams brother -?

Yes, Andy has a brother named Don, but he is probably not the same Don Williams you are asking about. Don Williams is a famous country singer. He is not related to Andy Williams. Andy Williams the popular singer was once a member of The Williams Brothers singing group which included his brothers Bob, Don and Dick.

How old is Lee Williams of the Spiritual QCs?

Lee Williams of the Spiritual QC's is 70 years old (born July 28, 1946 in Tupelo MS).Williams began singing at 8 years old when his uncle recruited Lee and his brothers into a companion group to the group called Gospel Stars.His uncle also formed the first group with the name Spiritual QC (QC meaning "Qualified Christian" singers) in 1962, but it broke up in 1968 when Williams was 22.

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