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Of course, sports stars also inspire young children. Sports stars can inspire children to grow up wanting to be like them. But Sports stars are mainly a good role model because sport stars show to persevere, keep determined they show courage. Young people reflect on this and thats how they become good role models.

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Q: Are sports stars good role models to young people?
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a young sports leader is someone who helps train and teach children (younger sports people)

Are professional sportsmen setting a good example for young people?

Yes, they are role models to young people:)

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Why sport stars are good role models for young people?

because they show determination and success if you push hard enough at something. they show that with some effort, you can succeed and basically you are your own worst enemy, therefore you are the only one stoppingyou.

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Any and all sports can be played by people of any age.

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Celebrities have tremendous influence on the young and for that reason they have a reponsibility to act as role models?

Yes they do because they influence young people they should do so cautionary and carefully..