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Q: Are mlb ichiro Suzuki and Kurt Suzuki brothers?
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How much does Kurt Suzuki weigh?

MLB player Ichiro Suzuki weighs 172 pounds.

Does Ichiro Suzuki throw right or left?

MLB player Ichiro Suzuki throws right.

Where was Kurt Suzuki born?

MLB player Kurt Suzuki was born in Wailuku, HI.

Who has the most mlb hits in a ten year period?

ichiro suzuki

Most hits in MLB in the last 12 years?

Ichiro Suzuki

Does Kurt Suzuki bat right or left?

MLB player Kurt Suzuki bats right.

Does Kurt Suzuki throw right or left?

MLB player Kurt Suzuki throws right.

Top ten longest home runs in MLB ever?

It was Ichiro Suzuki

How much money does Kurt Suzuki make?

MLB player Kurt Suzuki made $2750000 in the 2014 season.

Which Players have the most hits in a MLB season?

Ichiro Suzuki has the record, 262 in 2004.

Who is the most famous sports stat from japan?

probably the MLB star Ichiro Suzuki

Who is the Japanese MLB player who has the single-season record for base hits with 262?

Ichiro Suzuki.