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yes!i have been in one and they are really safe!the one i went in was air cusioned and i had handles in it!they go everywhere,even on water!

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Q: Are giant human hamster balls safe?
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How do you make chocolate safe for hamsters?

But it special hamster 'chocolate' drops, don't give it human chocolate.

Is a hamster ball safe for a hamster?

Hamster balls are safe but you just want to make sure that your hamster doesn't go down any stairs or get stuck behind anything. Your hamster can only be in a hamster ball for about 10-20 minutes otherwise your hamster may get hungry or thirsty just like you if play sports. You need a brake for water don't you? Well that's the same thing with hamsters. :) yes perfectly safe. they love the freedom to explore, but you might not get them out of the ball again as they love it too much Make sure you have something Blocking Stairways and Places where he can get stuck (ie; under beds, Laundry rooms, Closets,)

Can you make a hamster cage out of a bin with a top on the top of it?

No. It would not be safe or healthy for the hamster.

Can a hamster die from lettice?

no, lettuce is perfectly safe for hamsters. i am glad you are concerned about your fellow hamster.

Is putting foam in hamster cages safe?

No, defiantly not. It could potentially be very harmful to the hamster.

What should you do with the hamster when changing the bedding?

You should put your hamster in a safe place, or have someone else hold it for you. If you have a hamster ball, let your hamster exercise in that while cleaning out it's bedding.

"How do you say keep safe and healthy always?

Balls!! and Balls

Is it safe for your hamster to sleep in tube all night?


Are Ben wa balls safe in water?

Yes, Ben Wa balls are safe in water. For more information visit

Are tennis balls safe to smell?


Is it safe to draw with sharie on a living hamster?

No, as they have very sensitive skin.

Is oil safe for hamsters?

no because when the hamster steps on it it will be hard for it to move