A sport for everyone

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, even fat people;

goal keeper

sumo wrestiling

Water Polo

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Q: A sport for everyone
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Is cupstacking a sport?

A sport is something not everyone can do and it takes skill and it is competive so yes cupstacking is a sport.

Power in sport?

Yes Everyone knows that

Is rapping a sport or a skill?

Skilll. Not everyone can do it.

What sport is funner?

everyone has different oppinions but football is the most widely played sport.

What sports do Sicily do?

sicilys famous sport is soccer wthout a dout. and i think its the famous sport bevuase its an open sport for everyone

What is the popular sport in Colorado?

In Colorado everyone is a Bronco's fan.

Why does everyone think swimming is a lousy sport?

Because they are crazy.

What is the most average sport in the world that everyone plays?

Baseball and Softball.

WHo participates in recreationa sports?

In a recreational sport wherever the nearest town is everyone there depending on if the place starting the recreational sport needs you to buy a membership but other than that everyone in that town may participate

Is skateboarding cool?

Although not everyone will agree, skateboarding is a sport that has a reputation for being cool.

Should everyone be made to play a sport?

yes so they can get fit and have a good lifestyle

Does Colorado have a state sport?

No, but at least a limited loyalty to the Denver Bronco's is expected of everyone.