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vertical mobility

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Q: A professional basketball player has signed a contract that doubles the salary he received from his former team?
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What is doubles in basketball?

2 on 2

Who has the most triple doubles in basketball?

Oscar Robertson

Who has the most triple doubles in basketball in 2010?

Lebron James

When can you double a hand in bridge card game?

These days most doubles are used for "takeout", which simply tells asks the doubler's partner to choose from any unbid suit. There are situations when doubles become strictly for penalties, to increase the score received when the opponents fail in their contract. There is no universal agreement on which doubles are for penalty and which for takeout - this is a topic for each partnership to discuss.

Who has the most triple doubles in NCAA division1 mens basketball?

Draymond Green seven

Who leads the ncaa men's basketball in double doubles?

Michael Beasley of Kansas State

Most career triple doubles in college basketball?

Shabazz Napier of the University of Connecticut holds the record for most career triple-doubles in college basketball. The six-foot point guard attended Charlestown High School.

What are the ratings and certificates for Mixed Doubles - 2006?

Mixed Doubles - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: India:A

What has the author Alan F Truscott written?

Alan F. Truscott has written: 'The Great Bridge Scandal' -- subject(s): World contract bridge championship 'Doubles and redoubles' -- subject(s): Collections of games, Contract bridge, Doubles 'Grand slams' -- subject(s): Contract bridge, Slams 'Basic bridge in three weeks' -- subject(s): Contract bridge 'On bidding' -- subject(s): Bidding, Contract bridge 'Master bridge by question and answer' -- subject(s): Contract bridge

How much does the winner of Wimbledon earn?

In 2009 each singles champion received £850,000. Doubles champions earned £230,000 per pair. Mixed doubles received £92,000 per pair.

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