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2010 - Winter Olypmics : Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada. 2012 - Summer Olympis : London , England. There's a major debate for the next city to hold the Summer Olympics in 2016. 1 - Tokyo , Japan. [score:8.3] 2 - Madrid , Spain. [score:8.1] 3 - Chicago , United States. [score:7.0] 4 - Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. [score:6.4]

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Q: A list of when where future Olympics will be held?
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List 3 events that were held in the ancient Olympics that are also held in the modern Olympics?

sprints boxing javelin (i'm pretty sure anyway)

Will the Olympics be held in Africa?

Up until 2020, there will be no Olympics held in Africa. There have been no bids put forward, or accepted to this point. There may, however, of course, be one held on this continent in the future.

List four sporting events held at the modern Olympics and the ancient Greek Olympics?

field events and track events

Where will future olympic games be?

The current 2008 Summer Olympics are in Beijing, China... the next 2012 Summer Olympics are held in London, England.

List the country and city where the 2010 winter Olympics was held?

Easy Canada and Vancouver Bc

Were the Olympics held in Jamaica?

No, the Olympics were not held in Jamaica

What years have had the Winter Olympics?

4The Winter Olympics started in 1924 and are held every 4 years. Here is a list of each year they were held.1924192819321936194819521956196019641968197219761980198419881992199419982002200620102014It was skipped for 1940 & 1944 because of the world wars.

Where did the Olympics games held in the year 2014?

The 2014 winter olympics will be held in Sochi. Sochi is in Russia

Where were the 1940 Olympics?

The 1940 Olympics were held in two cities of Japan. The summer Olympics were held in Tokyo while the winter Olympics were held in Sapporo.

Where was the 1970 Winter Olympics in skiing held?

there were no Olympics held in 1974 The summer Olympics were held in Munich Germany

Where were the Olympics held in 1965?

The Olympics were held at Melbourne (1965).

When was the Olympics held in 1928?

the 1928 olympics were held in 1928