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Q: A heavy rainstorm hit your farm last weekend cause or effect?
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Is this cause or effect A heavy rainstorm hit your farm last weekend?

Effect - The heavy rainstorm hitting the farm is the effect.

A heavy rainstorm hit your farm last weekend Is that a cause or effect?


A heavy rainstorm hit our farm last weekend.?


What is name for heavy continuous rainfall?

The term for heavy continuous rainfall is "downpour." It refers to a sudden and heavy rainstorm that can cause flooding and other water-related issues.

What is a very heavy rainstorm called?


What are the characteristics of a rainstorm?

A rainstorm is characterized by heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunder, and lightning. It can cause flooding, reduced visibility, and potential damage to structures and trees. Rainstorms are often associated with low-pressure systems and can vary in intensity and duration.

What is the heavy rainstorm that includes lighting as well as thunder?

obviously a thunderstorm

What is relationship between cause and effect?

Cause and effect is a relationship between actions or events, such that one or more are the result of the other or others. Example sentence: The heavy rain caused the flooding. 1. The cause is the "heavy rain". 2. The effect is "flooding" that was caused by the "heavy rain".

What is a rainstorm an example of?

A rainstorm is an example of a weather phenomenon characterized by heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunder, and lightning. It is a common occurrence in many parts of the world and can have varying degrees of intensity.

What is meant by causes and effects?

The heavy rain flooded the river. Here the heavy rain is the cause the effect is the flooded river Cause and effect is the result of something that happens

What is a word that is gives an example of a rainstorm?

A rainstorm is a storm with heavy rain. A rainstorm can be described as a downpour. A thunder storm is a rainstorm with thunder including as is a lightening storm is a rainstorm with lightening. A hurricane is a storm with violent wind and could be considered a rainstorm. A tropical storm is a localized wind system that forms over tropical oceans. All of these could be examples of rainstorms.

How can a rainstorm affect the landscapes?

A rainstorm can cause erosion of soil, leading to landslides and mudslides. It can also contribute to flooding, which can alter the shape of rivers and streams. Additionally, heavy rain can wash away vegetation and impact the local ecosystem.