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a team

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Q: A group of athletes who play on the same side?
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What is the collective noun for a group of athletes who play on the same side?

The collective noun is a "team of athletes".

Are the elements in sodium chloride from the same side of the periodic table?

No; sodium is in the group 1, chlorine is in the group 17.

How is the France football team doing in the league?

France are an international side and as such do not play in any leagues. They will participate in the European Championship this summer in Poland/Ukraine, where they are in the same group as Ukraine, England and Sweden.

On a blank DVD which side do you lay it on when you insert it in the burner?

The same way as you play it, with the label side up.

How many people are there in Paralympic volleyball?

there are 6 to a side like normal volleyball, almost all the rules are the same. Its a pretty pathetic sport. They call themselves world class athletes but actually have no idea how to train like one. Most of them have no idea what real athletes in there situation would do. Like play real volleyball. Ive seen a high school kid play football and baseball with an amputated limb. That's a disabled world class athlete. not one that simply calls them self a world-class athlete because they play an accommodating sport.

How many players on one side of weelchair rugby?

Wheelchair rugby is mostly played by two teams of up to twelve players. Thereafter Four players from each team may be on the court at only one time. It is a mixed gender sport, and both male and female athletes play on the same teams.

How do you play the game Toon Rally Play 2 on Cartoonmini?

The cartoon mini game Toon Rally is a game where you go in a group and ride motorcycles. When using this game you will have to use your arrow keys to move and go side to side.

Where or by whom was the same plot used as in the play Romeo and Juliet?

In West side story it was used

What sport can you only play with your right hand?

Polo as you need to be on the same side of horse as all your opponents.

How many players would play in Tanzania in a soccer game?

11 a side, same as everywhere else

What part of the each amino acid is different from the others?

side group

How do you play ride that mustang?

Here are the words to it Ride Ride Ride That mustang Ride Ride Ride That mustang Ride Ride Ride That mustang This is how it goes Front Front Front, my baby Side , Side, Side my baby Back, Back, Back, my baby This is how it goes and it repeats You can play this with a big group And usually its played with about 5 or more ppl running around in the circle (depending on the size of the group