2008 derby winner

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Big Brown

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Q: 2008 derby winner
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Which horse won the 2008 Derby?

The 2008 Kentucky Derby winner was Big Brown.

2008 epsom derby winner?

New Approach

Is Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem dead?

As of June 2008 he was standing at stud for Japan.

What was the name of the winner of the 134th Kentucky Derby?

Big Brown [foaled Aprl 10, 2005] was the winner of the 134th Kentucky Derby. The winning date was May 3, 2008. The winning jockey was Kent Desormeaux [b. February 27, 1970]. The winning time was 2 minutes 01.82 seconds.

When was the 114th Kentucky Derby held?

May 7, 1988 was the date of the 114th Kentucky Derby. It was the year in which Winning Colors [February 14,1985 - February 17, 2008] was first to cross the finish line. That made her the third and most recent filly thus far to be a Derby winner.

When was Derby QUAD created?

Derby QUAD was created in 2008.

What are the release dates for Kentucky Derby - 2008 TV?

Kentucky Derby - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 3 May 2008

Who won the Victoria derby in 2008?

Rebel Raider won the 2008 Victoria derby. The jockey was Clare Lindop

When did Derby Time Online happen?

Derby Time Online happened in 2008.

When was Pacific Roller Derby created?

Pacific Roller Derby was created in 2008.

When was Wasatch Roller Derby created?

Wasatch Roller Derby was created in 2008.

Who won the premier league in 2008?

Derby Not derby whoever said this is very not right.