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1992 to 2007, Clemens was 220-123

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Q: 1992-2008 roger clemens win lost record?
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Federer has lost 157 Singles Matches and 72 Doubles Matches.

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Roger Fedora??? You mean Roger Federer? How could you get the name wrong of the greatest man and tennis player on this terrestrial planet? Alas, Roger lost in a five-setter to Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open in 2009 and to Juan-Martin del Potro in the 2009 US Open. He won Wimbledon as well as the French Open this year. The French Open cinched his career grand slam--winning all four major tournaments and Wimbledon cinched his record-breaker 15 grand slam titles beating out Pete Sampras' record of 14. Pete also never won the French Open, thus making Roger Federer the undisputed greatest tennis champion of all time.

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According to the NY Times Sammy Sosa was one of the players who tested positive for Performance enhancing drugs during the 2003 season. Their source for the report are lawyers who know the results of the tests preformed during the 2003 season when the results were supposed to be anonymous. Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) is the only other player to be named from that season. Others have said: Gee. He bulked up over one off season, suddenly started hitting with way more power, and lost the ability to speak English when confronted about steroid use. I think anybody with half a brain wave can figure this out.

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