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Q: Why did Danny way make the mega ramp?
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Who is the best mega ramp skateboarder ever?

Danny way is by far the best there are other very good skaters out there but Danny has done things on the mega ramp that so many other people have never even thought of doing and he created the mega rail and the mega box so i think that puts him way a head of the other mega ramp skaters.

When will Danny way die?

WHEN HE GOES down a big enough mega ramp bails and breaks all his bones including his boner

Is Danny Way's mega park a real place?

Yes search tony hawk riding dannys mega park on you tube and you'll eventually find it

How do you unlock the french place on Wii music?

You do a trick at Danny Way's mega park called "elevation".

Do you have to unlock the Danny way mega compound?

Yes it is unlocked after the last mission and all objectives are done.

Where is mini mega in skate 2?

There is one on the waterfront that you unlock if you do all of the vert contests which is 4 different types of ramps in a stadium. Also Danny Way owns one in the hills that you unlock leter in the game when you face him in a jam down the course. (And after that you can buy the fun park next to dannys mega ramp that has a series of mega ramps after eachother.

Who is the best all time skateboarder?

There are different types of best skaters. For example for vert Tony Hawk was the best of his time, On the mega ramp Danny Way could be one. In other words there is no best or worse i think that Rodney Mullens is the best skater of all time.

What is ramp walk?

The ramp walk is another way of saying "runway walk."

How can you make mega buks without any effort?

Win the lottery. Other than that, the amount of "buks" - it's spelled bucks, by the way - you get back depends on the work you put into your business. If you want "mega" you're going to have to do "mega" work.

When did Danny way become pro?

Danny Way turned pro in 1989

Where can one perform skate ramp?

One can perform skate ramp at a local skate park. It is also possible to perform skate ramp if someone purchases a skate ramp. This way, one can privately perform skate ramp.

Where was Danny Way born?

Danny Way was born in Portland, Oregon, United States.