Who invented the McTwist?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Q: Who invented the McTwist?
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Who created the mctwist in snowboarding?

The mctwist is a skateboarding trick invented by mike mcgill

Who invented the double mctwist?

Shuan White

How do you do a mctwist on Tony Hawk underground for ps2?

press Right, Down, grab trick button to perform the McTwist. ...

When did Tony Hawk land a 540 mctwist?

I personally saw Tony Hawk land the McTwist in 1984,but I think he might have landed it earlier. Let's give a hand to Miked McGill for creating the McTwist in the first place. It seems he never really got any credit for it.

What trick did Shaun White invent?

McTwist 1260

What is a mctwist in snowboarding terms an off axis spin a 360 or riding backwards?

A McTwist is an off axis spin while doing a 360. Riding backwards in snowboarding terms would be riding "fakie".

What is Shaun White's new trick that he performed in the 2010 olympic halfpipe?

The Mctwist

2nd person to land a mctwist?

Lester Kasai, he did it a few days after McGill, who was the first.

What is Shaun Whites new move called?

His new move is called the Double McTwist 1260.

What is the best snowboard trick?

this is a hard question but prob either a double cork or a double mctwist 12

What are the hardest snowboard trick?

double 1260 Mctwist Shaun White busted his face on the half pipe doing this trick

What is double mctwist 1260?

Its a new tick that Shaun White debuted this year. It involves two flips and three and a half spins.