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Try Allders and Target. You can also order them from Harrods, because you can technically get anything from there! Reagan got a pet alligator from there.

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tech decks are sold in toys r us and argos mainly. but have a look in any skateboard or bike shops.

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target , k-mart, toysRus, Frasers Cycles, Myer and Big W

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Q: Where to buy Tech Deck in Australia?
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Where can you buy a wooden Tech Deck?

at a walmart

Where to buy Tech Deck bikes in Sweden?

no where

Where can you buy a wood Tech Deck?


Where can you buy black Tech Deck wheels from?

You can get them from tech, ebay, or walmart.

Where to buy tech deck griptape?

on eBay they have a great selection of tech deck griptape. different colors and desighns and everything.

Where to buy zero Tech Deck boards?

the stores

Where can you buy Tech Deck in Qatar?

virgin villagio

Were can you buy a Tech Deck compition series?


Are heroin skateboard Tech Deck available to buy?


Where can you buy a Tech Deck in London England?

Tech Deck toy skateboards are available at Argos, Smyths Toys and online at

How much money does it take to buy a Tech Deck?


Where can you buy tech deck nuts?

any hardware store like ace hardware, menards, or like home depot. u can also get them at like a walmart or target too.