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A good skatie for pop would be a holand or a skatebiz.

A good skatie for flip would be flip, skatebiz, mystery or a

dont get a holand or skatebiz the skateboards with the most pop in the world are plan b skateboard.

Update: I have a Plan B deck prolite and its amazing, one of things that does it for skateboards for me is the sound of the pop aswell. I like it when it makes a sharp snap sound not a muffled grunt like my old airwalk one. Also try Alien Workshop, they are pretty much the same as Plan B.

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girl and chocolate. just watch malto , mikemo and koston

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****Answer**** They are all pretty good but i can definitely say Alien Workshop is the best all around. =P

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Flip, Baker, Deathwish, Darkstar. And If you still want more of that, than get some good shoes too. Supras help alot with pop and flip and stuff like that.

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Q: What skateboards are good for pop and what skateboards are good for flip?
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Are hang ten skateboards good?

I dont really think so. Get a baker or flip or something like that. They both have good pop and flip.

When was Flip Skateboards created?

Flip Skateboards was created in 1991.

What kind of skateboards are the best?


Who made Flip skateboards?

my brother billy

When did flip skateboards begin?

It began in 1991

Are Chocolate skateboards any good. like how are they compared to a girl. Do they have good pop and concave. And how good r they over all. Once again Do they have REALLY good pop and concave?

girl and chocolate are sister companies. they are made by the same people. i would say that chocolate skateboards are good. yes they do have good pop and concave. chocolate boards are pretty much the same shape, pop, and concave as girls

Are flip skateboards better than zero skateboards?

for price, yes*. for durability, no*. speed depends on what bearings you have *not by much

What do consumers say about zero skateboards?

They is great. Kinda heavy but they last a while and have a good pop when you ollie.

What kind of skateboards do boys use?

There is no specific type of board for a boy or girl. The only thing that matters is that it has good pop, concave, and wood type. No Wal-Mart skateboards!

Are Flip skateboards good?

Yes, they are very good. They are one of the best quality decks you can get. Not true, but they are good boards. Brands are usually just for their name and associated teams.

What skateboards are good for an ollie?

Any board is good for an ollie you just need to practice P.S DGK boards have the best pop

Are flip decks from TGM Skateboards good?

No tgm decks delaminate in less than a week and break very quickly...worse than department store decks