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If you are talking about making them custom, you should probably buy one and make a presicion mold. If you want one just for your fingerboard, skip the standard polyeurethane wheels(they dont have them, and wont fit bearings inside them), you want expensive bearing wheels from Z shred or Jace. Either way, you'll have to buy stuff. Making them yourself is strictly not reccomended, 1: it's super hard. 2:you probably can't do it, and 3: it's easier just to shell out a buck or 2.

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Q: What size bearings should you use for Tech Deck wheels?
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Where can you buy black Tech Deck wheels from?

You can get them from tech, ebay, or walmart.

How do you make Tech Deck wheels?

plastic and metel and screws its easy

The rarest girl Tech Deck?

The rarest girl Tech Deck is of cours the one with red wheels and has a picture of a red women on it and also says GIRL on it!

How much do Tech Deck cost?

Normal one-pack Tech Decks are about 2.99. They come with wheels, bases, attachment tools, stickers, and the basics to assemble your tech deck. Hope this helps!

What colour of Tech Deck wheels can you buy in the shop?

Red, Yellow, Blue and Black

Where can you get wheels for a Tech Deck?

WallgreensToys "R" UsWalmartTarget(Thats all i can think of currently)

How does a Tech Deck look?

A tech deck just looks like a mini skateboard. It has all four wheels and mini trucks and pins and grip tape and a skate brand on the bottom.

How do you get a tech deck sponsor?

you go on to tech deck home and you send a email to the owner and he should tell you

How do you remove the wheels from Tech Decks?

you have to get your yellow tool from a single tech deck box and put it in the wheel, like there is a bearing inside and then you turn it left.

How much is the tech deck megaramp?

If you look up 'tech deck megaramp' on eBay you should find megaramps for under $50.00

Where can you buy colored Tech Deck wheels in shops or Internet?

Go to EBay and check. There is even a 200 pack!

How do you make a real Tech Deck?

first. Get a peice of paper. Then draw an oval shaped board. Then draw some wheels. Trucks. When ur all done. cut it out. BAM . You did it. A artificial real tech deck. Good job