What services does DGK provide?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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DGK, or Dirty Ghetto Kids, is a brand of clothing and skateboards. DGK provides all manner of skateboard equipment, including a wide variety of clothing for the serious skater.

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Q: What services does DGK provide?
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What is dgk?

DGK is a skateboarding team DGK stands for "dirty ghetto kids"

Are plan b better than dgk?

dgk r far better than plan b because plan b can brake easyer than dgk PS dgk desinges r better than plan b

DgK or Almost?

I like DGK boards because they have a lot of pop and there more light but almost boards are still good but I have a DGK board and it's really good board. almost

Is dgk and DC the same brand?

No they aren't. DGK stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids. But I can remember what DC stands for.

Where can one purchase DGK skateboards?

DGK skateboards can be purchased from all good skate and extreme sports stores such as Native Skate. Alternatively, one can purchase this skateboard from the official DGK webpage, or from sites such as Ebay.

Is dgk manufactured in china or us?

i dont know what dgk is you need to spell correctly and is china or us a china store

Is dgk good?

Yeah there ok great pop and flip but they break easy

Can you go on oak island?


Who is sponsored by dgk?

Jackson Curtin

What are the release dates for DGK Parental Advisory - 2012?

DGK Parental Advisory - 2012 was released on: USA: 12 December 2012

What does DGK all day mean?

It means that you are The Scat-Man. Congratulations.

What services do you provide?

what services do you provide to non profit organizations