What places banned skateboarding?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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stupid places like coffee shops and Chinese restaurants

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Q: What places banned skateboarding?
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What sport was banned in Norway from 1978 - 1987?

it was skateboarding. norway banned skateboarding at this time

Which was extreme sport banned in Norway from 1978 to 1987?

Skateboarding was banned in norway.Skateboarding was banned in norway.

When did skateboarding start getting banned?

As soon as it was invented.

Skateboarding prohibited municipal code Sacramento county?

DUde skateboarding is like banned in sac me got arrested for it wen me was skateboarding in a park that why there not any skateparks around. but some skatparks are aloud to stay open but you can only skateboard there in sacremento.

Is skateboarding illegal in Alabama?

In most places, yes it is illegal

How many places is there to skateboard in Michigan?

there is 80% that seid no to skateboarding

Did people take to skateboarding right away?

no actually it was uncool in the US. But in Norway it was banned from 1978-1989 do to injuries and popularity

Reasons for allowing skateboarding in public places in Michigan?

Because Its BEAST! Because Its BEAST!

Should cellphones be banned in public places?


What places are banned from fishing?

the dog keeper

How many people support skateboarding in public places?

Not many in North America but its getting better. Skateboarding is much more supported in foreign countries frankly because they don't know what to make of it.

Why was 'Life of Brian' banned in Scotland?

In various places all over Britain it was banned by various local councils because it was thought to undermine Christianity. It was never banned all over Scotland but it was in a few places.