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Fs (frontside) is your facing the direction your moving while doing the slide, Bs (backside) is the opposite.

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Q: What is the difference between a fs slide and a bs slide?
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What is the difference between fs-2 and fs-22 starters?

is a fs 2 starter comparable to fs 22

What grind should you learn after BS boardslide if you only know BS boardslide?

fs boardslide or 50-50 grind

How can you tell a fs trick from a bs?

If it helps at all FS means Front side and BS means Back side If its grinding then BS is if you are approaching the grind with your back facing it. If its FS then its in front of you If its rotation FS would be if you did a 180 degree spin spinning into your forward shoulder (Goofy = Spinning Clockwide / Regular = Spinning anti clockwide) If its a BS rotation you will start by spinning into your back shoulder. (Goofy = Spinning anti clockwise / Regulary = Spinning clockwise) Then theres things like pop shuvits and normal shuvits. A FS pop shuvit would be you popping the board in front of you and a BS would be you popping the board behind you. Grabs: Simple really FS grabbing the side of the board by your toes, BS grabbing the board on the side by your heels. Inverts: Same as grinds but on the lip of a halfpipe. Theres probably more but there all the ones i can think of.

What is the difference in between a lipslide and a boardslide?

a fs boardslide is when your slideing backwards on the rail a fs lipslide is where you approach the rail with ith the rail in front of you and you ollie over the rail into a bs boardslide basiclly it confusing at first

What is equation for transferring elevations from one place to another?

To transfer elevations, BM + BS = HI - FS = Elevation BM - Benchmark BS - Backsight, or a measurement taken on a benchmark HI - height of the instrument FS - Foresight, or a measurement taken on an unknown point

What is the difference with hardflip and varial kickflip?

well the hardflip does a kickflip and a fs huv it vus making it turn backwards or heel side. the varial flip is a kickflip and bs (or regular) po shov it. vus make it turn forwards or toe side.

Calculation of reduced level in rise and fall method?

To calculate the reduced level in rise and fall method, you need to add the height of instrument (HI) to the back sight (BS) if the instrument was set-up on the point, or subtract the foresight (FS) if the instrument is sighted on a new point. The reduced level (RL) is then given by RL = HI ± (BS - FS).

What kind of grades do all Asian people get in school all over the world?

Asians get As Bs Cs Ds or Fs just like the rest of the humans.

Whats the deference between beretta92 fs and glock 17 9 mm?

The deference between beretta92 fs and glock 17 9 mm is the accuracy.

What is the difference between a feeble grind and a smith grind?

Feebles and Smiths are essentially very similar. However there is one main difference, in a feeble grind, whether bs or fs, you ollie onto the obsticle and your front truck clears it and balances on the other side. Whereas the smith grind would have your front truck on the side you are on by the rail, ledge etc. Hope that clears it up, its hard to explain without a demonstration. If not watch some videos and try and work out the difference.

How many bodyboarding tricks are there?

I would say there is 20 usual tricks. Here is the list of all tricks as a real bodyboarder : # Take off # Spin 360° # Reverse spin 360° # Cut-Back # Cut-back 360° # Reverse 360° Cut Back # El Rollo # Air Rollo # Invert Air # Projected Air # Roll spin # Air Roll Spinner (ARS) # Back flip # Gorf # Reverse rollo # Reverse Air # Air spin 360° # Reverse 720° # Frontflip # Barrel / Tube You could add Combo moves : # Take-off 360° # Take-Off Reverse # Inverted Air to Reverse Air # Double Rollo # Inverted air to roll spin # Spin 360 to rollo (Kyle maligro was really good at that one) # Rollo to frontflip # ... I am not listing what I have never seen. All these tricks are available on video

What is the difference between the Two Airsoft beretta 92 FS's?

I bought the clear version and it works liek a champ. If you are wondering what are the difference between the clear and the black one, its all a prefrence of look they are exactly the same. But they do have one of the "mini" ones which is cheaper and doesny shoot as fast.