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Q: What is the correct order number for 240 grit Polish-O-Ray?
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How is sandpaper measured?

By the amount and size of grit on the paper. The smaller the number, the less the grit of larger size. the bigger the number, the more the grit of smaller size. 60 grit would be for removing a lot of material, 320 grit would be for finer sanding.

What is a grit number on wet and dry paper?

The grit number on wet and dry paper refers to the coarseness of the abrasive particles on the sandpaper. A higher grit number indicates a finer abrasive that is suitable for smoothing and finishing surfaces, while a lower grit number is more coarse and used for removing material quickly.

How is the roughness of sandpaper determined?

The roughness of sandpaper is determined by the grit size, which refers to the number of abrasive particles per square inch on the sandpaper. A lower grit number indicates coarser sandpaper with larger abrasive particles, while a higher grit number indicates finer sandpaper with smaller abrasive particles. The grit size affects the level of abrasion and material removal when sanding.

Where do you get grit?

you get grit from Sweden

What happens in a grit chamber?

in a grit chamber mixing of grit takes place.after grit mixing only organic matter remains

What is the difference between grits of sandpaper?

Grit refers to the fineness of the sandpaper. Depending on the application for which you wish to use the sandpaper, choose the correct grit size. Example, general finish for timber flooring or fine finish for coffee tables etc.

When was The Grit created?

The Grit was created in 1986.

What scooter is better grit elite 2 or grit fluxx?

Grit Elite 2 is better!

What grit of sandpaper should be use to get down to the primer on a car?

220 3m its a finer sand paper you can take the paint as low as you want with it it works great. You should always prime over a 220 grit scratch. It is the perfect size grit. If you are sanding primer so you can apply topcoat, finish with 400grit dry on a machine (DA) or 500 wet sand for a solid color enamel. Basecoat products, particularly metallics and pearls, need to be applied over a substrate that has been wet sanded with 600 grit.

What is grit?

Grit can be defined as particles of sand or dirt that is loose. Grit can also mean the strength of one's character.

What does grit do for budgies?

grit holds down budgies food and is very healthy for budgies deit.

Which sandpaper grit size is the most coarse?

The most coarse sandpaper grit size typically starts at around 40 or 60 grit. These lower grit sizes are used for heavy material removal on rough surfaces.