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There are codes in some areas for minimum railing height, but it can vary according to your location. Generally, most areas require at least 36" height above the deck.

Generally, most railings are from 38"-42" high. Many builders prefer 42" heights and up to 52" for deck levels that are a greater distance from the ground.

If you are designing smart, you want to make sure that your railing is greater than 1/2 the height of a taller person of 6'4". This would make it more difficult for a taller person to "flip" over the rail because of railings less than 1/2 their height.

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Q: What is code for railing height for a deck?
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Is there a code for a railing code for a one foot high deck?


What height deck requires a railing in California?

A railing normally is not required unless the deck is more then 30 inches off grade, your town may set it's own rules. Check with your building inspector's office. 36 inches is the required guard height.

I want to know how tall a patio umbrella needs to be off the floor of the deck.?

If your deck is low to the ground, railing may not be necessary. Juridictions vary, but if your deck is less than about 30 inches from the ground, railing may not be required by your local building code. As always, check the building code in your area before deciding.

What is the Maximum height of a deck without railing?

OSHA specifies that walkways over 4'-0 above ground or surrounding surface require railing. International Residential Code requires a guard rail once the deck is 30" or greater above grade.

How low can I build my deck railing and still meet minimum requirements?

The minimum requirement for a deck railing is 36 inches, or three feet. Anything height less than this would be dangerous. If this would impede on your sight lines, consider using higher chairs.

What is the code for height of railing on stairs?

In CA, stair railings must be 34" - 38" high.

What is code railing height for a balcony?

Going up stairs it's 36". Upper railings should be 42".

What is the maxiumum height of a deck railing allowed in nh?

I don't believe there is a maximum height of a guard rail, just a minimum of 36 inches. Handrails on stairs have a max and min height of 34 to 38 inches according to the IRC.

Do you have to have railing on your deck?

Yes you do if it is over 30 inches high.

What is forecastle rail?

the railing on the forecastle overlooking the main deck

What is the necessary height of a second story deck railing for a high ranch is it 3 feet or 3.5 feet or more?

Where I come from it is 1 metre(approx 3'4"),but would pay to consult local building code.

What are some spectacular and unique options for a custom wood deck?

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