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Q: What happens to your body when you skate?
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What happens if you skate in a no skate area?

Well, you will most likely get in trouble, if you get caught.

What happens when you skate?

You move forward.

Is skate it 2 going to come out on Wii?

They made a Wii version of skate 2. called Skate it. it is placed between Skate and Skate 2 on a timeline. its just after the "Disaster-too-gnarly-to-be-named" happens, but not late enough for San Vanelona to be rebuilt.

What is the difference between a skate and a ray?

The skate has a different body structure then a ray.

Olympic speedskating why do the skaters lead with their skate over the finish line?

The winner of the event is determined by the first skate crossing the finish line NOT the hand or body.

What happens when friction occcurs?

ex. my friend was rideing her skate board and the friction between the ground and edge of skate board stopped her. What caused this was friction Hope this helps! bye Taliah

What happens if your body had no ligaments?

what happens if our body had no ligaments

Is skate 3 better than skate 2?

Of course it is opinion but a majority of people say Skate 1 is better. On Skate 1 you can get more board sponsors and the physics of skating are more realistic on Skate 1. However Skate 1 slightly lacks the quality of the graphics that Skate 2 has in store. Skate 1 is cheaper than Skate 2 as it was an earlier release. Skate 1 I would say is the better game but that is a matter of opinion.

What do you do in a skate competition?

You skate.

What is an antonym for skate?

Not skate

Is skate it the same as skate 2?

its the ds equivalent of skate (1)

What is the difference between Skate 2 and skate it?

Skate it is for Nintendo systems. Skate 2 is for PS3 and Xbox 360