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It depends on what you want to build.. concrete, wooden, or metal.. I'll assume that you are speaking of a wooden ramp.. You'll need 2 x 4's or longer.. you'll need plywood and then another material that goes on top of the plys, masonite, or skate lite. If it's an outdoor ramp use skate lite, if it's an indoor use masonite.

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Griptape,deck,trucks,wheels,bearings,hardware which would be bolts nuts etc.

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wood and something to bend the wood into shape,trucks,and wheels,and hardware

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Q: What do you need to build a skate ramp?
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Where can one perform skate ramp?

One can perform skate ramp at a local skate park. It is also possible to perform skate ramp if someone purchases a skate ramp. This way, one can privately perform skate ramp.

How do you drop a ramp on Skate 3?

Stand above a ramp and push triangle.

How do you gap the ribbon ramp skate 3?


Is a skate ramp an inclined plane?

Yes, a skate ramp can be considered an inclined plane because it is a sloped surface that allows skaters to slide or roll up and down with the aid of gravity.

How long are the avigo skate ramp 2-in-1 combo?

the ramp is 4meters long

Where do you get a Tech Deck skate ramp?

Amazon duh.

What are the top ten skate ramps?

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Where can one find a mega ramp for doing bike tricks?

One can find a mega ramp for doing bike tricks in a skate park. It is also possible to build one's own mega ramp and then it could just be in the back yard anytime someone wanted to use it.

How do you do a manual in skate 3?

Hold down R1 when on a ramp.

What are the release dates for LA Ink - 2007 Skate Ramp 1-19?

LA Ink - 2007 Skate Ramp 1-19 was released on: USA: 12 February 2008

Where might one go to find instructions on how to build a bike ramp?

Depending on your level of expertise and the type of ramp you want to build there are a number of places that provide plans and instructions on how to build a bike ramp. For a basic bike ramp Instructables has detailed pictures of how to assemble the ramp what materials and tools you will need, and a video of the ramp being used after construction. Plans 4 Ramps has a larger selection of ramp designs and you can also ask them to design you one.

What is a skateboarding game?

My personal favorites are EA skate, skate 2, and skate 3.