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1. ollie 2.manual shove it 4.nosemanual 5.fs shove it 6. pop shove it

7.kickflip 8.heelflip 9.fs 180 10.fs half cab half cab 12.varial kickflip 13.360 bs shove it 180 15.360 fs shove it 16.fs 180 kickflip 180 heelflip 18.360 kickflip 180 kickflip 20.varial heelflip 21.hard flip 22.360 heelflip 23.360 inward heelflip 24.360 hardflip

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2. nollie




6.inward heelflip

7.varial kickflip

8.varial heelflip

9.360 flip

10.laser flip

11.360 hardflip

12.360 inward heelflip

13.nose grab

14.tail grab

15.melon grab

16.indy grab


18.christ air






24.crooked grind


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try the ollie and practace.once you are good at it,try grinding down a rail.or the side to side.

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Q: What are some good skateboarding tricks for beginners?
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