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What are you talking about. You can skate on any side of the rink. I figure skate.

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Q: Roller Skating is done from which side?
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Is there an ice skating rink and a roller skating rink combined?

No, there isn't because the wood wouldn't be able to withstand the cold needed to freeze the ice.Yes there is or was, It was called "Side by Side" there was a roller skating rink on one side of the building and on the other side was an ice skating rink. I use to go to it all the time when I was younger. I havent been able to find any websites for it though anymore. Such a shame.

When was Roller Skating Child created?

Roller Skating Child was created in 1977.

Which is a better work-out- roller skating or ice skating?

in ice skating, you can burn more calories in the cold but in roller skating there's so many things you can do

Was roller skating or ice skating first?

I think ice skating

What has the author Frank Simcoe written?

Frank Simcoe has written: 'Ridiculous Destiny' 'Outdoor skating' -- subject(s): Roller skating, Roller-skating

Are the conjuctions used correctly in the sentence Mary enjoyed neither roller skating or ice skating?

No. It should say, "Mary enjoyed neither roller skating nor ice skating."

Why is roller skating in heaven's gate?

What made Michael Cimmino use roller skating scenes in the movie "Heaven's Gate" ? What made Michael Cimmino use roller skating scenes in the movie "Heaven's Gate" ?

What does ice-skating and roller-skating have in common?

both you have to wear skates

Will roller skating be in the 2012 Olympics?

No it will not be

Is the roller - skating rink a noun?

The compound noun roller-skate is a common noun, a word for any roller-skate of any kind, anywhere.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing; for example:Harborena Roller Skating Rink Inc., Hoquiam, WashingtonLenexa Supreme Roller SkatesNational Museum of Roller Skating, Lincoln, Nebraska

What is the web address of the National Museum Of Roller Skating in Lincoln Nebraska?

The web address of the National Museum Of Roller Skating is:

If you burn 350 calories roller skating and 700 running how many hours of roller skating is the same as 1 hour of running?