Is Vision a good skateboard brand?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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depends on the person but overall its a good brand...

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Q: Is Vision a good skateboard brand?
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Is adrenaline a good skateboard brand?


Is street grind a good skateboard brand?

Street grind is practically a bad brand. I suggest you to buy Hercules skateboard

Is alienworkshop a good skateboard brand?

yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they heeps good.

What is a good brand of skateboard?

The best board brand would be girl no dour about it

Is Real A Good Skateboard Brand?

yes of course

Is ambiguous a skateboard brand?

Yes i have one they are so good

What are some good names for a skateboard deck brand?

what about lush

Is girl a good skateboard?

Girl is my favorite brand and one of the best out there

When did the skateboard brand plan b start?

It started in my garage me and my my buddies were trying to figure out what would be a good name for a skateboard company\brand and that's what we cam up with - founder of planb

Is redstar a good skateboard brand?

Redstar is a great skateboard brand. I have been skating redstar for like a month and it is great. I have redstar wheels trucks and deck and they all work really well!

Is Darkstar good?

if you mean the skateboard brand... then yes, its good for heavy people cuz its hard to break.