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i dont know first hand i have heard they are great quality and turn out with a glossey finish. im thinking about buying one but im not shure they have wheels on them.

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Q: How good are the skateboard decks from Zazzle?
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Is the Deathwish skateboard a really good board?

Deathwish skateboard decks are among the better brands of decks available today.

Who was the Redman?

he is a rapper (a very good one)he also designed 3 skateboard decks

Who makes decks and wheels?

Skateboard companies make decks and wheels

Does zumiez let customers design their own decks?

no. but ZAZZLE does

Where can you customise skateboard decks?

Do skateboard decks have griptape already on them?


What is the greatest skateboard in the US?

Its all personal preferance but personally i like Girls decks, chocolate decks, baker deck, and good cheap alternatives are speedemons, goodwoods and shop decks.

What are some great designs for a girl's skateboard?

There are a variety of designs which could be great for a girl's skateboard. A rose or a Hello Kitty logo, for example, are good options. For more ideas, visit the girl's skateboard section on Zazzle.

Do you want free skateboard decks?


Are baker skateboard decks good?

yes, they arnt bad i had one and it was pritty good lasted along time and had plenty of pop

How much do skateboard decks cost?

around $55

Which skateboard decks are easier to snap?

cheap ones