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Q: How do you stick your finger on the Tech Deck?
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What is something like Tech Deck?

A finger skateboard

Who invented Tech Deck finger boards?


How do you cheat an ollie?

glue stick your fingers to the tech deck and do an easy ollie

How do you do a 360 tail spin on a Tech Deck?

1st, put your pointer finger on the two front screws, then put ur middle finger and ring finger in the middle of the tech deck, then come to a corner, then let off ur middle and ring finger, then use only ur pointer finger, then spin it around once. and that's how u do a 360 tailspin.

Do they make Enjoi Tech Decks?

YES Tech Deck (Spin Master) has been making Enjoi finger boards since 2011

What type of product is Tech Deck?

Tech Deck is a brand of miniature skateboard. It has all of the working parts of an average skateboard, but it is about the size of one's finger. They often have unique designs and owners use them to do tricks.

How do you do a wallplant on a Tech Deck?

Ollie(See for tutorial) onto a wall *WOODEN REQUIRED* and hold the nose of the board on the wall and keep all other fingers *accept for index finger*off the wall.push off using all fingers and and your index finger on the Tech Deck logo and your middle finger on the tail.

Is putting your index finger under your Tech Deck cheating?

It depends if your goin Rodney Mullen and doin caspers.

How do you make finger snowboards?

Buy a tech deck, unscrew it and.... there is your finger snowboard. Also, there are those black rubber things in there, so you can glue them on the bottom squares to make your finger snowboardo

What are some good websites to learn how to do Tech Deck tricks?

some good websites to learn tech deck tricks are youtube or aol.An easy trick to learn is to put your pointer finger one the'T' and your middle finger on the tail of the board and flick your wrists.

Where can one find examples of Tech Deck tricks?

One can find examples of tech deck tricks on the 'Tech Deck' website. There are also a number of demonstration videos for tech deck on YouTube. One simply has to enter tech deck into the search bar there.

How do you spot a fake tech deck?

You can spot if a tech deck is fake when it does not have the grip tape, and if there are pictures on both sides of your tech deck.