How do you skatboard?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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first the hand you write with left leg or right yjh

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Q: How do you skatboard?
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When was the first skatboard invented?

hi people the skatboard was invented in 1550

What is in a skatboard?

"Planche à roulette"

How many people skatboard?


What is a skatboard used for?

To skate at the park

What is a skatboard in french?

"Planche à roulette"

What is the cheat for skatboard san andreas PC?


How do you say skatboard in spanish?

patineta or patin for a single skate

Who came up with the skateboard?

Thomas Welsh. NO!!! The inventor of the skatboard is not Thomas Welsh it he was unknown

What is the best skatboard trick?

the best skate trick is the 360 flip(tre-flip)

Is Selena Gomez better at skating or swimming?

well really she likes skatin so guessing skating on the SKATEBOARD so skatboard

How do you get a skate bored on franktown rocks?

Well you go to city hall and then go to the liesence shop and the do the skatboard test and dont forget to look FABULOUS

Is there any stunt scooter games on ps3?

well not many games including stunt scooters for ps3 are available. but alot of skatboard games r easy to find. goodluck \: