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You take the left anlog stick and move it up and down fast

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To start a MANUAL quickly press "Up,Down" to do a normal MANUAL or press Down,Up for a Nose Manual.

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Q: How do you manual on tony hawks downhill jam?
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What is the band who sang shakedown for Tony Hawks downhill jam?

The Start

When did Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam happen?

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam happened in 2006.

When was Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam created?

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam was created on 2006-10-24.

Do the clothes do anything on tony hawks down hill jam?


Is tony hawk's downhill jam a gba game?

Yes, it is available for GameBoy Advance.

How do you unlock the downhill jam in tony hawk's pro skater 2?

Keep collecting tapes and enter all the skate challenges.

In your opinion what is the best Tony Hawk video game for GameCube p c d s or w ii?

the best game for tony hawk on wii downhill jam

What are the release dates for Downhill Jam - 2006 VG?

Downhill Jam - 2006 VG was released on: USA: 24 October 2006 (video premiere)

How do you get Armando on Tony Hawk downhill jam?

you have to beat him in the race and to beat him first you have to be a legend then beat all the boards that comes before the race.If that doesn't work then look up cheats codes and get some cheats that will help you if you cant beat it.

How many Tony Hawk Playstation 2 games are there?

how many tony hawk games u ask? ill tell u. there are 12 tony hawk games in all tony hawk pro skater tony hawk pro skater 2-PlayStation tony hawk pro skater 3-playstation tony hawk pro skater 4-playstation tony hawk underground-playstation 2 tony hawk underground 2-playstation 2 tony hawk American wasteland-playstation 2 tony hawk project 8-playstation 2 tony hawk downhill jam-Wii tony hawk proving ground-xbox 360 tony hawk RIDE-xbox 360 tony hawk shred-wii and im not to sure wat all of them are for but i do know some of them so i hope i helped u enjoy

Who beat tony hawk at skateboarding?


Did Tony Hawk quit skateboarding?

No, Tony Hawk did not quit skateboarding. In fact he still does private tours the last one I can remember was the Huck Jam tour in 08'.