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Q: How do you get off a skateboard on rob lox?
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How do you get rid of your hat on rob lox?

you dont

What roblox owner?

Is builder man:) He build rob-------------lox

How do you stop sitting in rob lox?

move with out stop for 5 minitues

is roblox a robber because his name is rob-lox?


Does rob thomas know how to skateboard?


How dour you change rob lox skin color?

this is not working i cant change my color !!!!!!!!!!

What wheels is on rob dyrdek skateboard?

rob dyrdek uses alien workhop wheels

What skateboard does Rob Dyrdek have?

He uses alien workshop

What is the longest distance traveled on a skateboard?

Rob Dyrdek, Pro-Skater and star of MTV's Fantasy Factory, is the world record holder for the largest most realistic skateboard. Rob's board is 38 feet-6 inches long and 5 feet-6 inches tall. Check out Rob and the Mayor of Los Angeles riding the World's Largest Skateboard, and Rob riding it with friends in Venice Beach, California. Also he rode that skateboard in the skate park he built and designed. The skateboard is an exact replica of his pro board only bigger. And Rob said "there will be no mandals on this skateboard".

How much was rob dydrek's Human Skateboard Costume?

i think it was $275

Does rob dyrdek's dog skateboard?

yes his dog meaty skateboards.

Who made dc shoes?

rob dyrdek not rod dyrdeb do you even skateboard?