How did Whitney Huston?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: How did Whitney Huston?
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Who is more famous Batman or Whitney Houston?

Whitney huston

Where did Whitney huston attend college?

Whitney Houston did not attend college

Who is more famous Eminiem or Whitney Houston?

Whitney huston all the way

Who is the first female Grammy award winner is?

whitney huston

Who did Whitney Houston influence that is famous?

Whitney Huston Influenced many people but she most influenced usher

Who is the cover girl on the last number of Vogue US?

Whitney Huston

What are some pop singers?

Michael Jackson Hannah Montana Whitney Huston

How old would Whitney huston be if she was still living?

about 50 years old

Did Whitney Huston die on brandy birthday?

yes she died on february 11, 2012

When did Whitney Huston first start here modeling career?

In the early 1980's

What celebrity do you resembles the most?

I have tell me when I was younger I look like either Whitney Huston or Robin Givens

Are the pictures of Whitney Huston in the casket?

yes there are, the pics where tooken at the viewing of her body and sold to the media and put on the magizine