Can you paint your tech deck trucks?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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You can, there are painted tech deck trucks.

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Q: Can you paint your tech deck trucks?
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Do Tech Deck trucks fit on a billboard deck?

yes they do.

How do you put riser pads on a Tech Deck?

1. First your gonna want a tech deck which looks like this 2. take off the trucks which look like this3.Put on the raisers 4. Screw the trucks back on with a tech deck tool. 5. Hope it helped!!

Where can you get trucks for a Tech Deck?

look on the Internet or use the links below.

Can Tech Deck trucks go on a berlinwood?

no only the other wood can

Where can you buy fingerboard trucks or how do you make them?

umm... im not sure but u could buy a tech deck and take the trucks off

How does a Tech Deck look?

A tech deck just looks like a mini skateboard. It has all four wheels and mini trucks and pins and grip tape and a skate brand on the bottom.

Black truck things on Tech Deck?

there to stop the trucks wearing and allows you to pop higher

Are trucks on a Tech Deck supposed to be loose?

NO! they're not supposed to be loose if they are use the yellow thing to tighten it.

How do you make a Tech Deck better?

You have to spray-paint it all kinds of colors and u can do splatter paint too also make it out of shiny wood to let other people see it from miles away. Everyone is going to love your tech deck

How do you make a real Tech Deck?

first. Get a peice of paper. Then draw an oval shaped board. Then draw some wheels. Trucks. When ur all done. cut it out. BAM . You did it. A artificial real tech deck. Good job

Make Tech Deck trucks?

get a paper clip and beads and put a piece of tape on the clip(2). then put on the beads.

Where can one find examples of Tech Deck tricks?

One can find examples of tech deck tricks on the 'Tech Deck' website. There are also a number of demonstration videos for tech deck on YouTube. One simply has to enter tech deck into the search bar there.