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No. Islam encourage people to be active and stay healthy through sports but you just have to wear proper attire. For example, a Muslim footballer should cover his aurat like wearing tights under his his shorts to cover his knees.

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Q: Is playing professional football haraam
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Is professional football haraam?

Yes, professional football is haraam because you are exposing the satr (private parts) including the knees and sometimes you are playing when it is namaaz time you are sitting idle. Also in some cases depending on your intentions you are playing to win (i.e money) also when you are playing professional football you sweat which makes you smell and you get dirty. In the hadeeth it says'Tahaarah (cleanliness) is half of Imaan.

Is watching footballl and cricket haraam?

Yes it is haraam to watch football because you are looking at the satr (privat part) of other people (e.g. knees). Also sometimes you are watching it when you are meant to do namaaz. It is not haraam to watch cricket but it becomes haram when you are meant to be praying namaaz.

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