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No. He is a Christian.

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Q: Is Deandre levy Jewish
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When was DeAndre Levy born?

DeAndre Levy was born on 1987-03-26.

How tall is DeAndre Levy?

NFL player DeAndre Levy is 6'-02''.

What NFL team does DeAndre Levy play for?

DeAndre Levy plays for the Detroit Lions.

What is DeAndre Levy's number on the Detroit Lions?

DeAndre Levy is number 54 on the Detroit Lions.

What position does DeAndre Levy play?

DeAndre Levy plays Line Back for the Detroit Lions.

What college did NFL player DeAndre Levy play for?

NFL player DeAndre Levy played for Wisconsin.

How old is DeAndre Levy?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season DeAndre Levy is 27 years old.

How much does NFL player DeAndre Levy weigh?

NFL player DeAndre Levy weighs 238 pounds.

Who is Deandre Levy?

DeAndre Levy (born March 26, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an American football player, a linebacker who, as of October 2014, plays for the Detroit Lions.

What is Jane Levy's religion?

Jane levy is Jewish.

What has the author Solomon Levy written?

Solomon Levy has written: 'Jewish theology'

Is Jane levy Jewish?