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Answer this question… To establish a communist government in Russia

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He had two main goals that he wanted to achieve with his revolution. The first one was to make Russia a communist state and the second one to release a world revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

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To end russia's involvement in the war

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The goal of the American Revolution was equality?


What was the goal of the culture revolution?

to decide your death.

What was a goal of the cultural revolution?

to decide your death.

What is the goal of Chechnyan nationalists?

The primary goal of Chechnya's revolutionary group is to gain independence for the Russian Federation.

What were Napoleon's goals?

Napoleon Bonaparte's goal in France was to restore order to France after the Revolution.

What wa the goal of the cultural revolution?

to decide your death.

What was lenins main goal?

Vladimir Lenin's main goal was to rid Russia (and the world) of capitalism and replace it with socialism. Socialism, with the guidance of the Dictatorship of the proletariat, would, according to Marxian doctrine, eventually evolve into communism. Communism in the Marxian sense of a societal system could not be imposed without an intervening period of socialism. What Lenin and Stalin later created was not communism. And it was a pretty poor version of socialism as well. The overthrow of the Tsar was not his main goal. That had already been done in the February Revolution of 1917. By the time Lenin orchestrated the October Revolution of 1917, the Provisional Government had been in place for eight months. If the overthrow of the Tsar had been Lenin's "main goal", he would not have overthrown the Provisional Government eight months after the Tsar had been overthrown.

What was Robespierre's goal during the Reign of Terror?

His goal in the French Revolution was to execute all the corruption in France. He had the King and Queen beheaded, and he did public displays of torture or killings. He made theses killings as a sort of show almost. During this time it was called "The Reign of Terror", later Robespeirre was also beheaded.

What was the goal of the reign of terror?

To protect and preserve the French Revolution.

which goal was not stated in the β€œslogan of the revolution”?

liberty and equality

How did life change during the industrial revolution?

Life was centered around work in the factories- It took up most of your week. It was cosidered a goal in life to have a good position in a factory.

What did the consultation say the goal was of the Texas revolution?

to restore the constitution of 1836