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To make any change to the Office of the Queen, or the Office of the Governor General, or the Offices of the Lieutenant Governors, would need the agreement of the Senate* and the House of Commons for a constitutional amendment. The amendment would also need to be supported by resolutions passed by all ten of the provincial legislatures. (*Should the House of Commons and the ten provinces agree on an amendment, the Senate has only a 180-day suspensive veto to block such a change.)

There are many arguments for Canada staying a constitutional monarchy.

The low costs of the constitutional monarchy are one positive aspect of such a system; Canada does not pay the day-to-day costs of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. Rather, Canada pays the modest costs of the Governor General, and the Lieutenant Governors; and were the Crown to be changed or removed, the functions of these viceroys and vicereigns would need to be performed by some other head of State. The development of such a role, and the cost of the changes of such a system would most probably exceed the costs of the current constitutional monarchy.

Also, the embedded nature of the constitutional monarchymakes the Crown very fundamental to most aspects of Canadian government. The Queen is the core of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government for Canadians; the system would need to be entirely reworked ("back to the drawing board", so to speak) to accomodate the removal of the Crown as a Canadian institution.

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Q: Should Canada abolish the monarchy
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